Cesantoni (Mexico) chooses SACMI Smart Service

Cesantoni (Mexico) chooses SACMI Smart Service

Cesantoni delivers quality ceramic to the high end of the market and they now aim to take things to the next level with new SACMI Smart Service maintenance plans. 

The announcement was made by Stefano Donzelli, General Manager of SACMI De Mexico. During 2022 we built up the team and created a special department dedicated to maintenance. In parallel, we began promoting SACMI Smart Service, a new package of after-sales services provided together with the parent company, starting with mills and presses”.

The plan chosen by Cesantoni focuses on the new SACMI MMC mill. The contract offers:

  • five years of guaranteed assistance

  • spare parts kits and scheduled maintenance by technicians

  • advance knowledge of costs, so no surprises

  • reduced line downtimes

  • greater plant efficiency and availability

This is the first contract of its kind here in Mexico and we see this project as essential to further refinement of customer service”, explains Donzelli.

This provides us with a crucial advantage”, points out Hermann Reimers, Operations Manager of Cesantoni, “as it allows us to focus our resources exclusively on the core business, while SACMI takes care of the rest”.

All SACMI maintenance plans include a personalized plan with guaranteed man/days, spare parts stocks and kits supplied periodically by SACMI.